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Our Worship Service Explained


Our weekly worship and communion service at MCC Good Shepherd Western Sydney, follows the Anglo-Catholic style and format, with elements drawn from the evangelical and charismatic traditions.


The preaching is scripturally based following the Revised Common Lectionary and is supported by a progressive

and inclusive theology.


The hymns used are a blend of traditional and modern and our singing is supported by live musicians.


We practice a policy of an open table for all people with faith in Jesus Christ. Communion is given by dipping the

bread wafer into the blessed grape juice and then placed in the communicants mouth. Then the minister of

communion says a short prayer for the person.


All are welcome to attend our service which usually goes for about 60 to 75 minutes. After the service supper is

available and this is a great time for relaxed and informal fellowship.


If you have hearing difficulties, we have a Hearing Loop.


For more information please feel free to contact the Pastor.

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