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Prison Ministry


Visitation and support of people in Prison.




We have a wonderful music and singing group developing a creative and interesting dimension to worship.

Musicians :  Stephen, Rodney, Paul and Evelyn


Play an Instrument, or sing then we need you to join the musical group. Please contact Paul.

Email Paul

Social Activity


Fun social events including dinners, picnics, theatre visits and Ten Pin Bowling are organised and new friendships made. 

Welfare Services


Assists people in need. In particular Refugees and Clients receiving Public Housing.

Chair Person: PF Dwyer Mobile: 0435 904 582


Welfare Testimonial

Community Involvement


Including through the Parramatta Queer Forum and Pride Picnic, Mardi Gras, PFLAG, Christmas Eve Service, IDAHO etc

For Other Needs


Christenings, Funerals, Commitment Ceremonies, Weddings, JP Services.

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