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GLBTQI Resources

Parramatta Queer Forum Resource Pamphlet

Universal Fellowship Of Metropolitan Community Churches


Head Office, USA                

MCC Sydney                       

MCC Melbourne                  

MCC Brisbane                    

Crave MCC                         



Other Churches


Ecumenical Catholic Church of                          Contact : Archbishop Ron Langham 0416 487 316

Australia Pro-Cathedral of the

New Jerusalem


Anglican Community of Our Lady                                                               Contact :Rev Thomas Peacock.


Acceptance Sydney             

Open Door Church              


Other Groups & Activities


PFLAG                                                     Contact :   President on 9869 1454

Heaven Social Dance           




Help with counselling & Depression

Beyond Blue

Ph: 1300 224 636

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service

Ph: 9056 8142 or 8968 9323

Lifeline Ph: 13 11 14, 24/7

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