Metropolitan Community Church Good Shepherd  Western Sydney (Inc.)

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Worship: Sunday 6.30pm

Address: 37 East St, GRANVILLE   NSW  2142



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Rev Robert Clark


Civil Marriage Celebrant

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About Us

We are part of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC): a Christian Church founded in the Gay Community for all the community

UFMCC decrees that all people will have equality of access and opportunity which is free from discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, identification, nationality, or economic status in terms of: Employment and personnel procedures and Service Delivery - all are what we do.


 Our Church’s VISION is to reach people with the INCLUSIVE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST:

Especially the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered Community of the Western Region of Sydney and Country NSW!

 Our Church VALUES:

Experiencing Equality through Inclusive Theology, Worship and Practice

Providing a Safe Spiritual Home of Faith, Community and Love

Working toward Justice and Peace for All of God’s Creation

Celebrating the Integration of Spirituality and Human Sexuality

Equipping Members for Christian Service and Ministry

Inviting others into our Christian Covenant Community

 “SAFE IN the shepherd’S arms”